What cryptocurrency to buy right now. Expert selection

Analysts are confident that the digital money market is at the beginning of a new wave of growth. Experts told which projects are underestimated and why you should pay attention to them Since the beginning …

Analysts are confident that the digital money market is at the beginning of a new wave of growth. Experts told which projects are underestimated and why you should pay attention to them

Since the beginning of 2020, the cryptocurrency market capitalization has grown almost 2.5 times to the current $ 456 billion. But many projects remain underestimated, and digital money has a prospect for further growth. topplabs.org asked experts to tell you which cryptocurrencies are worth looking out for in order to consider them for buying right now.


TON, Tron and OMG

Alexander Khvoinitsky, Marketing Director of the Chatex p2p cryptocurrency platform, named the FreeTON blockchain with the native TON Crystal token, a young platform at the beginning of its development, among the most underestimated cryptocurrencies. You can buy tokens only on several exchanges, the currency is just beginning its journey.

The launch of an alternative version of the main Telegram Open Network called Free TON took place on May 7. It was hosted by independent developers, major validators and other contributors. These include TON Labs, Certus.one, P2P.org, Kuna, Everstake, Chorus, Bitscale Capital, Simplex, Ceo.io and others. Instead of Gram, which Pavel Durov planned to release, Free TON introduced free TON Crystal tokens, the total emission of which is 5 billion pieces. 85% of this amount is intended for free distribution to partners and network users, 10% to developers, the remaining 5% to network validators who perform the function of confirming transactions.

The next undervalued currency that Khvoinitsky suggested to pay attention to is TRON. The expert called the project a younger analogue of Ethereum. He is already known to many, the asset is now of great interest to market participants. But the project has been criticized for its high centralization and aggressive marketing campaign. For example, company founder Justin Sun advertised his summit against the backdrop of the death of legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, which caused strong backlash.

The expert called Dash the third altcoin worth considering for buying. In some countries, it is already a digital currency: it is accepted for payment in Southeast Asia, as well as in Venezuela, where it is especially popular.

The specialist also recommended paying attention to OMG, a protocol that allows you to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. It works on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and is especially widespread in Japan, Singapore, South Korea. According to Khvoinitsky, Waves is also interesting – a decentralized platform on which each participant can create their own digital assets. This is a Russian blockchain, on the basis of which several projects have already emerged, for example, the "state blockchain" Vostok.


Smart contracts and payment cards

Dmitry Kryshtal, Business Development Director of MonolithosDAO, summarized his rating of undervalued coins:

PERP – Perpetual Protocol – leveraged futures, received investment from Binance Labs;

NXM – Nexus Mutual – insurance of smart contracts;

SXP – Swipe – wallet + payment cards;

MDT – Monolith – management token of a new project, it is planned to launch voting and building the work of the community;

FARM – Harvest Finance – after the hacker hacking, the rate "flew down", now the project is recovering losses without interrupting its work.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero

EXANTE co-founder Anatoly Knyazev listed three major projects that deserve attention. In his opinion, the most undervalued cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero (an altcoin with a capitalization of over $ 2 billion).

Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency. Over the year, it has risen in price by about two times. Usually BTC for such a rise in price is enough for an increase in the global user base, but this year there were other growth factors: halving, an increase in the global dollar supply, a rapid recovery of the cryptocurrency market after the March fall. The potential of these factors is probably not yet fully exhausted, so they will add value to BTC in the coming months, the expert said.

Ethereum is the second most popular and capitalized cryptocurrency. The token has been considered undervalued by many since 2018 after the ICO bubble deflated. In 2020, ETH has strengthened more than BTC. This is partly a consequence of the skyrocketing popularity of the DeFi sector, which often relies on the ETH network. But for the same reason, in October, the ETH rate came under pressure from investors' fears in connection with the measures of individual states against DeFi. Even to the news of acceptance into the PayPal account, Ethereum reacted more restrainedly than BTC, LTC and BCH. But now the change of administration in the White House inspires hope for liberalization, and interest in DeFi, and with it ETH, may start to grow rapidly, Kiriyenko suggested.

Monero is the most popular of the anonymous cryptocurrencies. The popularization of such projects is hindered by its exclusion from many large crypto-exchanges under pressure from the authorities. Nowadays, BTC dominates network computing, including the darknet. But as the state gains control over classic cryptocurrencies (especially those accepted on the US commodity exchanges BTC and ETH), the incomplete confidentiality of BTC suits an ever-decreasing number of users. XMR is the most popular token for protecting user anonymity.


Growth potential from 20% to 60%

At the end of 2020, the leading analyst at 8848 Invest Viktor Pershikov ranked tokens as the most undervalued coins that were part of successful sectors, but did not show significant growth. According to Pershikov, they may still rise in price by the end of the year. He named the growth potential of each of the coins in the coming months:

EOS – 30%. Direct competitor Ethereum made an attempt to rally within a year, but is now trading weaker than ETH, at the level of early 2020. This platform is fundamentally interesting, so the expert recommends buying it with an eye to growth in the near future.

LTC – 50-60%. Litecoin has grown since the beginning of the year, but looks undervalued compared to Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. Against the background of market growth, Pershikov expects additional capitalization of the coin and reaching the level of $ 90-100 in the near future.

BAT – 50%. The Basic Attention Token platform token first managed to double in price this year, but lost all growth in the second half of the year. Both within the framework of DeFi, and within the development of the developer's Brave browser, the project and the token remain attractive for investments, the specialist believes.

XRP – 30%. Ripple has been actively promoting its project among financial institutions and partners for several years, but for fundamental reasons, the token does not show significant growth. But by the end of the year he still has a chance to grow up along with the entire market, the analyst predicted.

HT – 20%. The token of the Huobi exchange, which is experiencing difficulties with the regulator, remains one of the leaders in the sector, along with BNB. Until the end of the year, the token may show growth, especially against the background of resolving legal issues, Pershikov believes.

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