Sergey Khitrov, Blockchain Life: "The current bull run is not over yet"

Founder of the international blockchain forum and in an interview with – about the behind the scenes of the event, the development of the DeFI and NFT spheres, the latest events in the …

Founder of the international blockchain forum and in an interview with – about the behind the scenes of the event, the development of the DeFI and NFT spheres, the latest events in the industry and much more

– The development of the DeFi and NFT realm has revealed Ethereum's scalability issues. Other blockchains began to gain popularity. What is the likelihood of Ethereum losing market leadership? What projects can replace it?

– I believe that he is unlikely to concede. All new items in the crypt are being tested in one way or another and will continue to be tested on Ethereum.

But I also take the position that market share will indeed be taken by new blockchains that offer fast transactions and low fees.

Another important fact is that other blockchains do not have such a community as Ethereum. I believe that it will be difficult for new users who are not familiar with the Ethereum blockchain to master new blockchains.

– Next year in the US, the VeeCon will be held, which only holders of VeeFriends NFT tokens will be able to attend. Does Blockchain Life plan to make NFT tickets in the future? What is the difficulty here?

– We don't want to make life difficult for our guests and make NFT tickets.

By the way, since we are talking about NFT – Blockchain Life, together with 9 top artists, will release 9 exclusive NFTs dedicated to the forum. The auction will take place on the Binance platform during the forum.

– What is the most likely scenario for using NFT in the future? Where is NFT likely to penetrate in the future?

– Of course, NFT will be used as a piece of art. I also see the immediate prospects for using NFT in music.

But if we talk about the current time, then right now NFTs are actively used in GameFi – in very simple words, games on the blockchain according to the Play-to-Earn principle (earn by playing the game).

– Another promising topic is DeFi. When we talked to you in April, you noted a high percentage of projects for which there is nothing but a speculative story or promising plans. Has the situation changed over the past six months?

– In general, over the past six months, there are really many decent projects in DeFi, but one way or another, there are still a lot of dummy projects.

– How has the specifics of the organization of the event changed in comparison with the dock-like times? What are the main difficulties you have to face now? Do speakers refuse to attend the event in person due to COVID?

– Of course, the specifics have changed. We are forced to comply with certain restrictions.

But if we talk about the current situation, now the conditions for holding events are much better than, for example, in October 2020.

It is really difficult with some speakers, especially with foreign ones, who cannot enter the country due to restrictions.

– After the event, the AfterParty usually takes place, for sure there are many funny or interesting situations. I would like to know about some outstanding events, it is possible without mentioning names, etc.

– There were many situations, given that people in an informal setting become more talkative. Sometimes they tell interesting insights and observations that cannot be heard on the sidelines of the forum itself.

For example, at the last forum, in April 2021, one of the VIP members got drunk and started telling everyone that they needed to buy Polygon (MATIC) and that it would start growing very soon. And he did not just talk about the project, but argued why there should have been a takeoff.

I am one of those people who took his advice the day after the forum, as I was convinced by his arguments. Within two to three weeks, the coin produced very good xxes.

I think this is a good personal example of why it is worth going to the AfterParty. And there are many more such examples.

– The fourth quarter is often extremely positive for the crypto market. What are the expectations from the end of 2021? Should we expect an update of historical highs by bitcoin and the largest altcoins in terms of capitalization?

– Nobody knows exactly what will happen to cryptocurrency tomorrow. One piece of news can cause either the market to fall or rise.

My position is that the current bull run is not over yet. Perhaps we should expect an update to the new $ 100K maximum.

– You are listing on stock exchanges. How has the market changed in recent years?

– The market has changed a lot. If earlier we saw a lot of projects with ideas, now more and more projects with a finished product began to come.

In addition, we saw activity from large traditional business companies that are interested in listing their tokenized subsidiaries. And they are not just interested, but are already entering the markets.

– The growth of bitcoin is constantly hindered by China with cryptocurrency bans. Should we expect new attacks from the Middle Kingdom and pressure on the digital asset market?

– If you look at the news background from China, you will notice that they ban cryptocurrencies there almost every year. Each such announcement is more like a market manipulation than a real ban.

– One of the brightest news in recent months has been the legalization of bitcoin in El Salvador. Can this event be called important for the crypto market? Will other countries follow El Salvador?

– It is hardly important yet. Loud – yes.

There are not so many inhabitants in El Salvador that this could somehow globally affect the economy in the world.

But this fact can give impetus to other small countries.

– And the last question. Interested in the forecast for Bitcoin and Ethereum at the end of the current growth cycle.

– As I said, no one will say exactly what the course will be by the end of the cycle and when this cycle will come to an end. I don’t really like to make predictions, but still I believe that the current cycle has not come to an end yet. I will be careful in my forecasts, I will predict Bitcoin at $ 100K, and Ethereum at $ 5K.

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