Not only in a mousetrap. How to get cryptocurrency without investment

It is possible to become the owner of digital money not only through mining or direct purchase. Sometimes you can replenish your wallet without any investment, simply by fulfilling certain conditions Traditional mining of cryptocurrency …

It is possible to become the owner of digital money not only through mining or direct purchase. Sometimes you can replenish your wallet without any investment, simply by fulfilling certain conditions


Traditional mining of cryptocurrency is mining. By solving complex encryption algorithms, users receive digital currency on their wallets. This requires a solid investment either to buy your own equipment, or, in the case of cloud mining, to pay rent. However, you can get digital currency – albeit in small quantities – without any investment.

Drop by drop

One of the most famous and simplest ways to get free coins is to register on the so-called faucets, they are also called "rotators".

"Taps" got their name from the comparison with a water tap from which water is dripping: here you can collect coins in the same way, drop by drop.

"Rotators" – sites that collect coins from the "cranes" themselves, they go around all known portals in a circle, receiving currency.

As a rule, "faucets" distribute a small amount of coins to everyone who registers on them and confirms their email address. Further opportunities for obtaining digital money can be different – from bonuses for watching a video or switching to another site to distributing cryptocurrency with a certain time interval.

For example, FreeBitcoin is a cloud mining site that combines the computing power of many computers, including yours.

Mining happens automatically and in the background. It is possible to adjust the used processor power: set 100% when you are not doing anything on the computer, and, for example, 20% when you are working, so that mining does not slow down other programs.

Getfree Bitcoin gives out 200 Satoshi (0.000002 Bitcoin) every hour. To do this, you just need to enter "captcha" – to confirm that the coins are collected by a person, not a robot.

Other notable faucet sites are DailyFreeBit, MoonBitcoin, and Boxbit. All of them are full of ads, usually related to cryptocurrencies, and they exist at the expense of them.

Some faucets offer additional coins to be drawn. Moreover, in this case we are talking about more serious amounts.

Often, these sites use sophisticated methods to get users to click on banners. Advertising can be disguised as a button "get coins", or the button itself can be hidden amongst artfully, so that it is practically impossible to click on it without getting into the banner.

The income of ordinary users from "faucets", as a rule, is not high, and if you decide to use this method, then it is worth registering on several similar sites at once, giving preference to the most famous ones. However, as practice shows, even the most popular "taps" can suddenly close.

The “rotator” option looks more profitable. After registering on such a site, as a rule, you will be offered a long list of "taps" – all you have to do is click on the name or press the "next" button without going to all these portals.

However, users of "rotators" should be prepared for messages like "this site does not support" rotators "," this site can harm your computer. " Whether to risk the security of their PC, everyone decides for himself.

Despite the fact that the administrators of rotators must select "taps" by removing unreliable and dubious ones from the lists, it is, alas, impossible to check absolutely all sites.

The most famous rotators today are the iFaucet and the SpeedupFaucet.


Earn by playing

Sites that offer coins as prizes in online games are generally close to faucets. Some of them also give out free coins for registration and proof of address.

However, their main focus is online games, in which the user receives a small amount of coins as prizes for winning or progressing to the next level.

The difference is that on one site this algorithm works only if the user is playing for real money, on others – even with free bets and games.

The more time you spend on the site playing a variety of games – from roulette and blackjack to one-armed bandit, the more coins you earn.

Some sites, such as FaucetGame, claim that their games are designed to give the player an edge. Given the modest winnings, this may indeed be true.

Share in the company

There is a chance to get tokens of companies intending to conduct an ICO for free. Developers generously give them away, exchanging them for various services. The token holder essentially receives a stake in the startup. When new coins start trading on the exchange, they can be sold for cryptocurrency or fiat money.

To collect free tokens, you don't have to spend a lot of time on startup sites figuring out which ones are crediting free coins. There are special sites that post information about the best deals. On them you can find the most attractive promotions for the free distribution of tokens, as well as an analysis of project prospects.

However, you should not hope to earn your first million in this way. As a rule, the value of the distributed tokens at the current time does not exceed $ 30. This amount can increase significantly if the project is successfully implemented. So, the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, ether, at the beginning of its journey cost a little less than one dollar. At the time of this writing, one Ethereum on the Bitrex exchange was valued at $ 410.

When preparing an ICO, companies strive to attract attention to themselves and are ready to pay for it with their own currency. Therefore, somewhat large sums can be obtained by performing various tasks, as a rule, related to the promotion of the company in social networks.


Coins for "likes"

Another opportunity for obtaining cryptocurrency is provided by social networks and blogging platforms on the blockchain, such as Steem or Golos.

All users who publish texts, comments on the platform and simply put "likes" (here they are called "upvotes"), thereby create a cryptocurrency that is distributed between them.

On Golos, the reward for the text is divided between the author and the one who upvotes. The amount of coins received depends on the number of upvotes and in ruble terms can reach 2-3 thousand. Half is credited in platform tokens. They are already traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The second half is in the local currency of the site, which has no material weight, but determines the status of the user on the platform.

"Bring a friend"

Almost all sites related to receiving digital money have referral programs, that is, they charge bonuses for attracting new users.

Referral programs are available for faucet sites, companies preparing for ICOs, and rotators.

Everyone who registers on the "faucet" or on the startup site receives a referral link, which can be sent to friends and acquaintances or posted on their pages in social networks.

For anyone who signs up using the link, the user will be credited with a small amount in cryptocurrency or tokens, and if the person who came from this link buys money, this guarantees an additional commission.


What to do with free cryptocurrency mined?

After you have accumulated a certain amount of coins on "faucets", "rotators" or gaming sites, you can withdraw them.

This will require a wallet in one of the main cryptocurrencies – bitcoin or ether or an account on the exchange. However, some "cranes" set their own requirements. For example, MoonCoin requires a CoinPot wallet. Other types of wallets are used to withdraw coins from faucets – Epay and FaucetHub.

There are also restrictions on the minimum amounts. For example, the minimum withdrawal amount from Getfree Bitcoin is 0.00015200 bitcoin, and the commission is 0.00000400 bitcoin.

You need to be prepared for possible problems with the withdrawal of coins. The commission can be high enough to withdraw a small amount. For example, Boxbit honestly warns that fees are now higher than the average withdrawal amount.

Which is the best option?

The best result (but it will take a very long time) will be obtained by using all of the above methods. Also, do not forget about the security of your account or accounts, as recently there has been more and more news about account hacking and viruses that replace wallet addresses.

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