How to start mining cryptocurrency right now. Three options

Experts named the available ways to make money on digital assets: from creating an amateur mining farm at home to mining cryptoassets on an industrial scale The opinions of experts may not coincide with the …

Experts named the available ways to make money on digital assets: from creating an amateur mining farm at home to mining cryptoassets on an industrial scale

The opinions of experts may not coincide with the position of the editorial board. does not provide investment advice, the material is published for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can lead to financial losses.

Over the past month, Bitcoin has risen in price by 35%, while the price of Ethereum has increased by 88% over the same period. With the growth of cryptocurrency, the income of miners also increases. experts have named three ways that you can start mining cryptocurrency.

Mining Ethereum at Home

Despite the release of the London update, which completely changed the mechanism for calculating transaction fees, the income of Ethereum miners did not decrease, says Ivan Sharov, CEO of the online store for mining equipment and computer components He explained that the income of miners has not changed due to the rise in the value of the altcoin.

According to the expert, at the moment, the best solution for creating a mining farm at home is to buy six CMP 30HX video cards, designed exclusively for mining. In addition to video cards, you will need:

  • AsRock H110Pro BTC + motherboard;
  • Two Corsair 850W PSUs
  • Intel Celeron G3930 processor;
  • 8 GB of RAM;
  • Cooler for cooling the processor;
  • Housing and risers.

On the purchase of this equipment it is necessary to spend about 345 thousand rubles, says Sharov. According to him, such a farm is capable of generating a daily income of 1.1 thousand rubles. The cost of setting up a farm will pay off in 10 months and 2 weeks.

In the long term, after Ethereum's transition to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm, you can switch to mining Ravencoin (RVN), Conflux (CFX) and Ergo (ERG), which have shown good growth lately, Sharov noted.

We start mining bitcoin

The most promising and profitable for Bitcoin mining today is the Antminer S19J Pro ASIC miner from Bitmain, explained Maxim Gureev, head of the BitCluster sales department. According to him, the profitable mining of the main cryptocurrency can be started with the purchase of at least 10 such devices (8.14 million rubles). 10 Antminer S19J Pro miners will bring about 800 thousand rubles a month in profit, Gureev claims, so the payback period of the equipment will be 10 months.

“Now it makes sense to invest in the purchase of mining equipment. Buying devices pays off quickly and mining is very efficient. This is due to a drop in the complexity of the network due to the disconnection of a large number of devices in China and the consistently high rate of bitcoin, "Gureev said.

In August, Bitcoin's hashrate continues to recover from its largest drop in history. In June, the amount of computing power used to mine cryptocurrency fell by more than 50% after the introduction of a mining ban in China. On August 10, Bitcoin hashrate is 115 Eh / s (exahashes), according to BitInfoCharts.

Over the month, Bitcoin has grown by 35%. The price of the main cryptocurrency reached $ 46.7 thousand on the night of August 10.

Industrial bitcoin mining

An industrial mining farm consists of at least 30-50 ASIC miners, says Roman Nekrasov, co-founder of the ENCRY Foundation. According to him, there are now many used miners on the market from China, where the mining of cryptocurrency was banned. However, Nekrasov does not recommend contacting such equipment, since its performance indicators can be significantly lower than new devices.

According to Nekrasov, a farm of 30 new Antminer S17 miners can bring in about 592 thousand rubles per month, excluding the costs of salaries of employees, energy consumption of air conditioning systems, components, rental of premises, etc. The cost of 30 Antminer S17 is 2.55 million rubles. The approximate payback of the equipment will be 4 and a half months (excluding the cost of placing and maintaining equipment).

Nekrasov also advised taking into account the costs of exchanging bitcoins into fiat. He argues that the best option is to exchange only the amount of coins that is necessary to cover transaction costs, and store the remainder with the expectation of the long-term growth of bitcoin.

“A mining farm is promising, but you need to choose the right equipment and calculate the entire economy, find a suitable location with favorable electricity tariffs and other conditions,” said the co-founder of the ENCRY Foundation.

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