How to start making money on cryptocurrency without large investments. 3 ways

You don't need to have a lot of start-up capital to get started with digital money. There are several options that allow you to receive income in the long term with almost no investment. Cryptocurrencies …

You don't need to have a lot of start-up capital to get started with digital money. There are several options that allow you to receive income in the long term with almost no investment.

Cryptocurrencies have a reputation for being assets that allow you to get rich quickly and lose all your investments just as quickly. At the moment, there are three most common ways to make money on high-risk gambling. All of them resemble a lottery or a casino, however, with a successful coincidence of circumstances and the coincidence of many factors, there really is a chance to increase the deposit significantly.

Margin trading

Trading with leverage is an extremely risky activity that is not recommended for beginners. Some exchanges offer to take on the security of their money an amount exceeding them 100 times. However, in this case, a 1% change in the price of the underlying asset in a direction unfavorable for the trader will lead to a complete loss of the invested funds. Also, for the use of margin trading, an hourly commission is taken, the value of which can constantly change.

The risk per trade when using 100x leverage increases many times up to 20-50% of the deposit, that is, in the case of 2-3 unsuccessful transactions, 0 funds will remain on the account. With such a leverage, commissions increase many times over. This means that the mathematical expectation is again changing towards the broker, explained private trader Alexander Boyarintsev.

“You can make money using 100x leverage. Yes, but it will be a lottery and pure gambling, I personally am against it. Potentially, this is a "drain" of the deposit with a very high degree of probability, "the specialist warned.

DeFi sector

In the summer of 2020, DeFi tokens showed hundreds and even thousands of percent in a short period of time. One of the most striking cases is the Hotdog cryptocurrency released on September 2. Over the course of a day, it increased in price from $ 5 to $ 6200, that is, by more than 120,000%. This means that 10,000 rubles invested in it. at the original price at the peak would have turned into 12.4 million rubles. However, having reached a peak, the price began to fall rapidly. In just 5 minutes, it fell to $ 0.015. That is, in case of delay, from 10,000 rubles. only 30 rubles could remain.

The DeFi market is now in a correction phase. Many coins, including the largest ones, have dropped significantly in the last month. On September 13, the token of the popular YFI project was traded at $ 42,000, now its price is about $ 15,900. Those who invested in the coin at the peak suffer big losses. However, those who invested in it at the start at a price of $ 32 will be able to increase their deposit 497 times, even if they sell tokens right now. This means that by investing in the project 10,000 rubles. in mid-July, in four months it was possible to earn 4,968,750 rubles.

The DeFi segment continues to develop steadily, despite the fall of the most high-profile projects such as YFI, MEME, SUSHI, so you can still make money here, says Nikita Zuborev, senior analyst at The probability of earning money depends on the size of the project, on innovation, on the interest of investors and on the choice of the right moment.

“In the DeFi segment of the market, luck is more important than anywhere else. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the future of most coins, but with a certain accuracy it is possible to assess the market reaction to certain events – it is worth following the news of the projects, ”advised Zuborev.

Any new exchange that supports the listing of the token will provoke a short-term price spike, even if the token is no longer new. The largest segment, which is associated with loans secured by other tokens, is more reliable in the long term, but you should not buy clearly overvalued tokens, the specialist noted.

He called the most winning strategy not a simple purchase of certain tokens on the exchange, but participation in a landing page, i.e. earnings on the provision of capital for loans. You can also become a “liquidity provider” and earn money by providing your tokens for DeFi exchange services. This will not necessarily generate income due to the growth in the price of coins, but it will allow you to receive relatively stable dividends from your investments.


One of the ways to multiply your investments in cryptocurrency is to participate in an initial exchange offering (IEO). One of the main advantages is that tokens are necessarily issued and listed. That is, there are no deceived investors who did not wait for their coins to appear.

No one guarantees high profits to investors, but most of the IEO projects showed multiple growth at the start of trading. This way of earning money was so popular last year that some fundraising campaigns were completed in seconds. Most investors did not have time to take part in the crowdsale, so the exchanges changed their approach and made a lottery out of it.

Now, on the vast majority of platforms, clients need to keep exchange tokens on the balance for a certain time before the token sale. In this case, you can participate in the lottery and try to get an allocation for the purchase of new coins. Often, the percentage of winning tickets does not exceed 20% of the number of applicants.

For example, initially the cost of the Fetch token was $ 0.097, at its peak it exceeded $ 0.400 (more than 4 times growth), but now it is about $ 0.053. The price of the Celer project coin rose from $ 0.007 to $ 0.030 (it also increased in price by more than 4 times), now it is at the level of $ 0.004. The most important rule when participating in IEO is not to miss the moment of selling, otherwise you can then “get stuck” in a losing asset.

Binance today announced the Injective Protocol (INJ) IEO. To participate, users will need to hold a BNB coin from October 13 to October 19. After that, you can take part in the lottery

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